Stuart Fraser, Owner

We are Scottish by family history and heritage. I keep a picture of the memorial stone at Culloden on the wall of my office – the Frasers were definitely on the losing side then!

It is only in the last ten to fifteen years that I have come to realise just the depth of interest that exists in all things Scottish. There is a real pride in this personal history, and, of course, it wouldn’t be half as interesting, if it wasn’t so romantic and dramatic – whether we are thinking of the Highland scenery, the clan affiliations (and hatreds!!), and the colour and design of the tartan.

Although, based here in the South of England (Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire Border), we understand where your interest is coming from, and would love to work with you in putting together your own unique “take” on this Highland theme.

Bespoke Kilt Making

This is naturally foundational to putting together whatever form of Highland Dress you require. That is not to say that we only make kilts. There is a growing interest in trews, which we will make as readily as kilts.

While talking of kilts, I do want to make it very clear that I only make 8yd kilts. I am fully aware that others are available in 5yd versions, but I will not make these. It requires a minimum of 8 yards of cloth for a kilt to “swing” as it should. For the larger man, I sometimes need nearer to 10 yards to get a similar effect.

There are differing weights of cloth for kilts, but I use the medium or heavier weights; that is 13oz or 16oz. Much will depend on the use of the kilt, and where it will be worn, and this will often determine the weight required.

Naturally, what you wear with the kilt will depend on the occasion. Will it be primarily for a wedding, or for an emotional trial at Murrayfield? Each will demand a different approach, but we will be there with you, as you select the items that you need to complement that particular “look.”

Specially Woven Tartan

We source our tartans primarily from the leading mills in Scotland. On this basis, we can draw on around 1500 tartans and variants. That covers most requirements, but not all. There are some family tartans that are too specialised for the major mills to weave and stock.

When such a tartan is needed, then we have it specially woven by the mill which you will see in the video below. Yes, it does add a considerable cost to the kilt, but you can be assured that it will be produced just as you want. If you wish to originate your own tartan; something that happens surprisingly often, then we can help in the design and the registration. This is a fascinating process and well worth considering.

For more information about Highland Dress, do message me through the contact form, and I will send you a copy of my booklet “Choosing formal Highland Dress.”


Highland wear in Hampshire